Manager of the Planning Department
Requirements: aged 30-35, undergraduate or above, have a strong ability for market operation and management, rich marketing experience, as well as a strong ability for target performance management, team management, and business expansion, more than four years work experience, those with the work experience in cabinets, furniture, real estate, and kitchen appliances will be considered firstly for employment.

Manager of the Sale Department
Requirements: aged 28-35, more than 5 years work experience on the board/solid furniture marketing management, be able to make a comprehensively overall planning for marketing work, have the actual operation experience on the direct-sale store management\franchised partner development and management, experience on successfully building or leading marketing teams, and be able to propose a feasible plan for the marketing planning of the new factories.

Manager of the Quality Department
Requirements: aged 28-38, male, college graduate or above, management-related majors, more than 5 years quality management experience in the furniture manufacture industry, of which above 2 years work experience as quality director, be familiar with the board furniture production technologies, be good at the production quality control, be familiar with the quality management system establishment, have a good judgment and communication ability, those with cabinet work experience and achieving a success from the basal production posts will be considered firstly for employment.

Planar Designer
Requirements: aged 20-28, college graduate or above, be able to skillfully apply CAD, PhotoShop, CorelDRAW and other related software
Wardrobe Designer
Requirements: male, aged 25 or above, college graduate or above, more than 3 years wardrobe development and design experience

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