1、Ask for and read the franchise conditions

2、Fill out the franchise application form and send back to the company

3、 Qualification inspection

4、Provide the relevant information:
a detailed business plan, agent regional map, legal representative identification, and store plane

5、 Pay a brand franchise deposit

6、Signe a cooperation agreement

7、Preparation for the business opening
Store decoration: the company sends the professional personnel to guide
Personnel training: designers must pass the examination and be issued a work permit after qualified.
Sample order: the plane layout is made by 3D central manufacturer, submitted to the designers to make the cabinet production drawings, configure the decorative fittings, and make quotation after the agent principals approve to be qualified, and then put into production after the principals of shopping malls audit the prices and sign.

8、Acceptance of shopping malls:basic configuration (business area, sample configuration, office supplies), decoration standardization implementation situation (signboard font, door show windows, floors, ceilings, lighting, walls, layout) and release.