Franchise business operation is a kind of mutual-win sustainable relationship established between the franchising headquarter and the franchised partners through a contract. Ke’ersen Headquarter provides its possessed brand and business operation technologies, and the franchised partners work together with their capital, human resources, and geographical relations to create win-win benefits.

1¡¢Franchise modes
Ke’ersen Company provides the brand authorization and products for the franchised partners, and the franchised partners make an investment in full amount to set up specific shopping malls for operation, carry out the independent accounting, and assume sole responsibility for profit and loss. Besides, they must accept the uniform management and supervision on the store image and business operation.

The total investment will be comprehensively considered according to different economic levels and administrative levels.

3¡¢Business operation conditions
£¨1£©Area of shopping malls: ≥ 250 sq.m for the special and level-1 regions, ≥ 180 sq.m for the level-2 regions, ≥ 120 sq.m for the level-3 regions, and ≥ 100 sq.m for the regions below level 3. (The specific data is determined according to the actual situation of the local places)
£¨2£© Site selection: independence store or entering the specific markets (such as decoration and building materials markets)
£¨3£© Number of samples: according to the company’s standard configuration plan, ≥ 12 sets for the special and level-1 regions, ≥ 8 sets for the level-2 regions, ≥ 6 sets for the level-3 and above regions (comprehensively considered based on the store size).
£¨4£© Decoration of shopping malls: decorate according to the company’s standard Ke’ersen STYLE plan (national unity). (The company will design the free drawing for reference)
£¨5£©Office supplies: configure the dedicated faxes, telephones, and computers.
£¨6£© Monopoly requirements: must monopolize Ke’ersen cabinet series products and related Ke’ersen supporting products and hardware accessories provided by Qingdao Ke’ersen Kitchen Furniture Co., Ltd.
£¨7£©Brand margin: pay the brand franchise margin.

4¡¢Personnel configuration and professional quality
£¨1£©Principals shall meet the following requirements:
A¡¢A strong entrepreneurial spirit, a certain operational management and operation ability, and an ability for sustainable development
B¡¢A certain financial strength and good financial credit
C¡¢A certain cultural basis and it is the best to be able to conduct the computer-based management.
D¡¢ For there are risks in any investment, have a correct understanding and full psychological preparation for the risks and benefits to invest in the company.
£¨2£©Designer: at least 1, high school graduate or above, be familiar with the industry and proficient in the operation of the design software.
£¨3£©Purchasing guider: at least 1, high school graduate or above, have a good image, be good at articulating, have strong communication skills.
£¨4£©Installation worker: at least 1, junior school graduate or above, have certain communication skills, it is better to have a carpentry basis.